Kazakhstan even more pissed at Borat

Prepare yourselves for another onslaught on the wonders of former Soviet blocs. Kazakhstan is once again readying a PR blitz to counter the upcoming movie featuring the bumbling but well-meaning fictional Kazakh TV personality Borat (known to his mother as Sacha Baron Cohen). According to the Evening Standard in London, Kazakhstan president Nazarbayev is readying “educational” TV spots and print advertisements for the U.S. market showcasing the “real Kazakhstan” in advance of Borat’s November release. What’s more, Nazarbayev is also meeting with President Bush to discuss the film and his country’s image. (Given the recent revelation that Bush enjoys the occasional fart joke, one can only imagine how that meeting will go: “Hey, Nazy, you’re right, deep kissing your prostitute sister ain’t funny. Pull my finger.”) Regular readers of AdFreak will recall that Nazarbayev tried this before. We didn’t actually check it out, but our guess is the campaign worked, increasing Kazakhstan’s lucrative tourism trade into the double digits. Perhaps.