Kayak.com: Deals So Good, You Just Have to Fire That Flare Gun

More goofy fun from Barton F. Graf 9000

Creating a great ad campaign isn't brain surgery. Or is it? Surely it's a complex, demanding operation, and many well-intentioned efforts flatline. Barton F. Graf 9000's recent work for Kayak.com, however, is just what the doctor ordered when it comes to an inspired level of manic, humorous messaging. But enough tortured wordplay—my salute to Kayak's brilliant "Brain Surgeon" spot, surely one of the freakiest ads of the year. The client's latest spot, "Flare Gun," is just as memorably stupid. What's more, it manages to address what some commenters have identified as the campaign's weakness: Amid such nuttiness, the brand proposition gets fuzzy. That's not so in the living room of a couple who thought they couldn't afford a vacation. After checking out Kayak.com, hubby announces, "We're going to Cabo … Kayak has all the best deals." His wife celebrates by shooting up the ceiling, punctuating each word with a flare: "I [bang!] love [bang!] great [bang!] deals [bang!]." Then they dance in the sparky light. It's rare work that successfully illuminates a blatant price pitch with goofy hipness without losing its edge. I [bang!] love [bang!] these [bang!] ads [bang!].