Katy Perry Brings Popchips Back From the Brink in New Ads

Print work follows Kutcher debacle

Following a pretty disastrous campaign starring Ashton Kutcher, which was sunk by complaints of racism, Popchips is back with one of the more inoffensive endorsers around: Katy Perry. In four new print ads, she makes a fake-boobs joke, pretends to be a vampire, and generally hams it up in the most bubblegummy way possible. The campaign is by Zambezi in Los Angeles, which apparently dodged responsibility for the Kutcher spots. Three more ads, plus credits, after the jump.


Client: Popchips

Agency: Zambezi, Los Angeles

Founder, Executive Creative Director: Brian Ford

Creative Director: Kevin Buth

Associate Creative Director: Madeleine Grandbois

Photographer: Arthur Belebeau

Chief Executive Officer, Popchips: Keith Belling

Senior Vice President, Marketing, Popchips: Brian Pope

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