Justin Long puzzled about point of Mac ads

Time magazine's Techland blog has posted a new interview with Justin Long in which the actor talks about working with John Hogdman on Apple and TBWA's famed "Get a Mac" campaign. The two big takeaways:
  1) Long preferred the PC character to the Mac, and therefore, he didn't really get the point of the campaign. "I revere John Hodgman. He's far smarter and funnier than I could ever hope to be. That's why the point of those commercials was a little lost on me. I'm actually jealous of things he got to do. I preferred the role of the PC guy because he got to do all the fun underdog stuff. The big choice I had to make was when do I take my hands out of my pockets and how do I gesture or roll my eyes."
  2) There are a crapload of unseen spots floating around out there. "They have them. I keep trying to get my hands on them. We would shoot four to six a day. So, we would do a lot at a time. So, most of them we didn't air. They probably aired about 15 percent of them. There were tons we shot. I remember we shot one with Zach Galifianakis where he played a drunk Santa Claus. And we did one with Paul F. Tompkins that was similar. … I hope they use outtakes. Because when you're standing in front of a white abyss like that for 12 hours at a time you start getting a little punchy."
  Long also says he wasn't told officially that the campaign was over. "I personally haven't heard anything. I could get a call next week," he says.
  As we've mentioned previously, you can see all 66 TV spots from the campaign here. Going by Long's estimation, they filmed several hundred spots that never aired.