Johnnie Walker Awakens a Gentle Giant in Brazil

Neogama BBH spot stirs national pride

With more than 300,000 YouTube views in five days, this Johnnie Walker spot from Brazil, via ad agency Neogama BBH, showing a rock giant rising from Sugar Loaf Mountain in Rio de Janeiro, is a solid viral hit. Most commenters seem impressed with the bold visual metaphor for Brazil's awakening as a global power. The production, which closes with the words "The giant is no longer asleep" and the brand's tagline tweaked to read "Keep walking, Brazil," is indeed impressive, with great details like the giant's reflection in the windows of a skyscraper. I'm sure it will win prizes. For me, it's just dull. Where's the wanton destruction of life and property? Come on, stone-face, smash that skyline! Stomp those cable cars to smithereens! I was hoping Rio's huge Christ the Redeemer statue would come to life and grapple with the giant. Choke ol' mineral-butt with a massive rosary. That would've been so blasphemous and cool. In the sequel, perhaps the giant will lumber off to Argentina or Peru and flatten them for claiming to make fluffier flan.