JetBlue assuring CEOs that everything’s OK

Back in February, JetBlue ran some print ads poking fun at auto-industry execs and other bigwigs who might want to rethink flying their private jets to Washington. The ads were well-received, and now they've expanded the campaign online with The CEO's Guide to Jetting, which unfortunately only contains three amusing videos: the one above, plus these two others. Delightfully snarky lines like, "JetBlue can get you to many cities where you already own homes or hide money!" and "It's easier than writing off a toxic asset!" are courtesy of JWT. They've also got some great online ad buys going. The CEO's Guide to Jetting was my pre-roll ad right before my CNN video titled, "AIG Continues to Enrage." I refreshed to see if it would appear before the video every time and got an ad for Fellows 100% Jam Proof Shedders. I love these ultra-targeted ad buys. Good job, JetBlue, and good timing. Way to turn the nation's unbridled hostility toward the rich to your advantage. Your advertising-fu is so strong that I would totally commit to flying JetBlue if I didn't choose my airlines based entirely on price.

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers