‘Jersey Shore’ spoofs itself with new games

Jersey shore game

Just when I was in danger of watching something of redeeming value, Jersey Shore is back for Season 2. In anticipation of tonight's premiere, MTV has announced two new advergames. The first is a Facebook game simply called Jersey Shore. Just select from The Situation, JWOWW, Pauly D or Snooki, then it's time to hit the GTL: gym, tan, laundry. These activities help you earn money, though I'm not quite sure how that equation works. The money is used to buy things like "Your Mom" and increase your level. You can also fight other players by throwing pickles in their face and administering the shocker in the game's fight mode. Like most Facebook games, the appeal is short-lived, but MTV promises it will be updating the game as the season progresses with new content and items from the show. The second game will be out later this week. It's called "Spread Snooki," and will allow  iPhone users to superimpose Snooki's smiling face over any photograph in their library. Welcome back, Jersey Shore. We missed you.