Jerry O’Connell profits from Tom’s crazies

From the moment you saw that leaked Scientology video of a creepily pensive, somewhat maniacal Tom Cruise, you could just hear the legion of “suppressive persons” uploading parodies to YouTube. And they have, with a few low-budget gems like this one. Now, Cruise’s friend and former co-star Jerry O’Connell has joined the fray, with help from director Jerry Minor and, I would assume, some bored Writers Guild members. The video seems to be aimed at supporting the guild while also promoting new episodes of O’Connell’s show, Carpoolers on ABC. To be sure, O’Connell’s barbs are aimed at the field of acting rather than Scientology, but how will Cruise react the next time he corners his Jerry Maguire buddy at a party? Judging by how Cruise has taken jokes in the past, I’m going to guess it’ll be really awkward.

—Posted by David Griner