Jenny Craig, Jessica Simpson: new BFFs?

I'm sure you've all been following the Jessica Simpson weight-gain freakout that's been momentarily distracting the media from the economy. If not, peep this link. Now, consumer brands are coming out in support of Jessica. Jenny Craig's vp of marketing has released a statement saying the company is certainly not thinking about using Ms. Simpson as a spokesperson, adding, "Ms. Simpson has publicly stated that she is healthy, feels great and is very happy with her body. We would agree. Ms. Simpson looks fantastic, and we see no reason for her to participate in a weight-management program." Apparently, some gossip bloggers were making jokes that Jenny might hire Jess, and Jenny wanted to set the record straight. Or perhaps Jenny merely wanted to piggyback on all the fuss and get some sweet hot blog action in the process. Of course, unauthorized celebrity glom-on is a dangerous game, and the anti-Jess bloggers are turning Jenny's statement into a bitchy rejection of Jess. But who cares about them anyway? I seriously doubt that Jenny's target market includes fatty-haters.

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers