JAM With Chrome Brings Agoraphobic Rock Stars Together

Google's online music-playing app

Hey, Google Chrome, are you ready to rock?! The answer is a resounding "Sort of!"—thanks to an interactive Web app called JAM With Chrome, which uses Google's browser and various leading-edge technologies to help users rock out. Produced by Tool of North America (and director Ben Tricklebank), JAM features 19 instruments to play—a range of guitars, basses, pianos, synthesizers and drums. (Though in reality, of course, since all are activated with your computer, you're always playing "keyboards.") JAM has settings like "Easy Mode," "Autoplay" and "Pro Mode," and offers tips and shortcuts designed to facilitate righteous rockin'. You can invite up to three friends in various locations to join you for a real-time jam session. Though if you and three buddies are that musically minded, why not just form an actual band? The advantage there is groupies, which JAM inexplicably fails to provide. The technology on display is an impressive time-waster. Still, the very nature of the enterprise—corporate sponsored and browser based—feels counter to the rebel spirit of real rock 'n' roll. Not so the freaky monkey in the promotional clip below. Is that a monkey? Maybe it's a Monkee. It looks a bit like Keith Richards. Whatever—that dude shreds!

UPDATE: Some say the creature in question might very well be a three-toed sloth. On closer inspection, I'd have to agree. Either that or Eric Clapton.