Jackson appears on anti-pedophilia ads

Michael Jackson should be off-limits to advertisers these
days, what with the whole sleeping-with-boys image problem. But actually, Jackson’s image is all over the place in Budapest—on
guerrilla political attack ads that accuse Hungary’s liberal party of
promoting pedophilia. “More SZDSZ, more pedophiles,” the ads read. (An SZDSZ
member is currently under investigation for allegedly owning child
pornography—thus the basis of the attack.) Appearing on the ads along with Jackson are Macauley
Culkin (who could work this out in his next book) and a young boy named Pisti
Kovacs—an everyday Hungarian child who is part of a larger anti-SZDSZ propaganda
campaign whose tagline is simply, “Who will take care of little Pisti Kovacs?”

—Posted by Tim Nudd