Jack White, Alicia Keys try out James Bond

The new James Bond flick has been sparking heated debate since the day its name was announced. That’s probably because the title Quantum of Solace was thought up at the last second by producer Michael Wilson, presumably while he was browsing an 11th-grade vocabulary quiz. But the name stuck, and now it’s time for the annual ritual of debating the new Bond song. This time out, it’s a Jack White-Alicia Keys number, a duet that rivals the 1995 pairing of Tina Turner and U2 in its awkward attempt at crossover marketing. The new song, "Another Way to Die," has some catchy guitar hooks that almost make you forget that Keys is wandering around in there somewhere. Bloggers have spent the past few days shredding and defending the track with equal vigor. (Much to White’s chagrin, Coca-Cola seems to have liked it, anyway.) My only real beef is that when White and Keys sing the chorus together, their voices don’t so much harmonize as poke your brain with a rusty screwdriver. Which, admittedly, is downright pleasant compared to Chris Cornell.

—Posted by David Griner