Jack Daniel's Is Back With More Patriotic Posters

Another independence project from Arnold

Jack Daniel's loves Independence Day. Last July, the whiskey brand built a campaign around letterpress printing, employing Yee-Haw Industries to create a bunch of patriotic posters and chronicled the process in a wonderful two-and-a-half minute documentary. Now, it's back with an encore. Working with Arnold in Boston, the brand has parnered with independent artists in Berkeley, Calif.; Austin, Texas; and Brooklyn, N.Y., to create five handmade posters about independence. The agency explains: "The artists chosen represent a commitment to tradition and craft, just like Jack Daniel's. The posters they created were fashioned in a variety of traditional methods, including hand-painted on the side of a truck door, sewn and embroidered into a flag, carved from the charred wood of an actual Jack Daniel's whiskey barrel, and screen printed." Three videos documenting the process will be shown in bars across the U.S., along with the displayed original artwork from each film. See all the posters and videos after the jump.