It’s Stompeez vs. Silly Slippeez in the Stompable-Slipper Wars

Infomerical rivals in smackdown

Catchy jingles, rainbow swirls, sparkle transitions—Stompeez has all the hallmarks of a successful toy commercial. And with genius lyrics like "We love 'em! We want 'em!" it's no wonder the cuddly popup kids' slippers have already been copied by another "As seen on TV" entrepreneur: Silly Slippeez. With its equally insipid jingle, animated big-eyed animals and hypotonic swirls, Silly Slipeez has thrown down the gauntlet for peddling kiddie crap—they even glow in the dark. Not to be outdone, Stompeez claims to be the original and even calls Silly Slipeez a cheap imposter on its website. ("Please don't be fooled by false imitations of stompeez that are spelled Stompiez, Stompeze, Stomppeas, Stompys, silly slippeez, or Stompez.") Speaking of imitators, Stompeez seem surprisingly similar to the obnoxious stomping dog and monkey slippers from this excellent Target commercial for Excedrin. The dog, with its bouncing ears, bears a particular resemblance to not one but two Stompeez doggy-slipper options. It's just a coincidence, perhaps, but I'd still check the consumer reports on Stompeez before ordering. Judging by the Target ad, it seems they also cause headaches.