It’s a small world, but not much of a Disney-world

Disney_hongkongUh, is this the happiest place on earth? Disneyland’s Hong Kong location has been marred with mishaps, protesters and bad PR, reports USA Today. Culminating in an incident last month in which a fired staffer climbed atop Space Mountain and threatened to kill himself (he was talked down unharmed), the theme park, which opened Sept. 12, has attracted labor protesters charging that staffers have been forced to work 11- and 13-hour days. When pop stars were recruited to bolster the park’s image and film promotional videos at the park (with no compensation), performers, including popular singer Kelly Chen, "reported being bossed around, barred from wandering the park and ordered to quiet down their music." "Her Disney dream is broken," Chen’s spokesperson declared. This isn’t the first time Disney has clashed with local culture. When Euro Disney opened in 1992, it drew similar criticism. It all reminds us of a favorite Simpsons episode showing an empty Euro Disney with a lone French employee begging customers to come because "my cheeldrin need wine!"

—Posted by Mae Anderson

Credit: PR Newswire/Newscom