It’s Not Always Great to Have Wizards in the Family, as CP+B Shows for Fruit of the Loom

'Parents can't be prepared for everything'

Kids give their living room a magical makeover in CP+B's new Fruit of the Loom ad.
Fruit of the Loom

In the opening frames of this Fruit of the Loom ad by CP+B, CGI sizzles and swirls as a pair of pint-sized Harry Potters open a portal to another dimension in the living room.

Yeah, kids will do that these days.

Here’s how it all plays out:

Actually, they’re not working magic. It’s all in their imagination, and we’re seeing the story from the tykes’ point of view. Once mom arrives, the perspective shifts, and we’re able to understand what’s really going on.

So, they were just drawing all over the walls with “magic” markers. Yeah, kids will do that.

“We’re targeting moms and dads who are doing back-to-school shopping for their kids,” Ethan Decker, group strategy director at CP+B, tells AdFreak. “Given the insight around how kids innocently ruin things, we wanted to let parents know that we get them—and that instead of trying to fight the chaos, it’s better to just be prepared for it.”

From a brand perspective, being prepared means picking up Fruit of the Loom Bonus Packs, which, we’re told contain “a few extras,” just in case they’re needed.

The spot’s wall art was created by Sean Wright and Maria Snell, the agency team that came up with the campaign idea, says CP+B creative director Kt Thayer. “The art department made a few attempts on set,” he says, “but were basically too talented to pull it off,” and their efforts looked more polished than drawings supposedly done by average grade-schoolers.

Anyway, mom should chill. It’s probably cheaper and easier to touch up that wall than hire a wizard to close a gateway into another world. (Though with painters, you never know.)

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