Italy’s anti-anorexia campaign gets explicit


The model is Isabelle Caro, a 25-year-old, anorexic French woman who weighs 68 pounds. The photographer is Oliviero Toscani, who once supplied images of a man dying of AIDS for a Benetton campaign. The “No Anorexia” effort is appearing on billboards in Italy’s fashion and style capital, Milan. See the full ads here (NSFW). From Reuters: “Toscani’s aim was ‘to use that naked body to show everyone the reality of this illness, caused in most cases by the stereotypes imposed by the world of fashion.’ ” Some say the ads are too ugly for public display. Others believe some women might actually be envious of the model and determined to be thinner than her. Either way, the ads cut straight to the bone—and that’s not just a play on words. Caro, who has battled anorexia for 15 years, speaks about the campaign (in French) in this video. UPDATE: The Wall Street Journal weighs in with this story. UPDATE 2: Caro passed away in late 2010.