Israeli Creative Makes His Wife the Best Birthday Card Ever

Meny Hilsenrad spent 9 months on a very special video

Handmade birthday cards always turn out better when they're done by talented visual-effects artists. Here we have a lovely little video birthday card created by Meny Hilsenrad, a 30-year-old post production and 3-D specialist at Israeli VFX and animation company Studio Aiko. "This project was created as a birthday surprise to my beloved wife Moran," he writes. "It is entirely CG work except for the hands which were shot. … The overall time it took to produce this piece was 9 months. The pre-production took 6 months and included gathering the entire photos I had which were quite a lot (approximately 25,000 photos). Then to choose and filter only the most suitable 372 photos according to the offline editing I did. The production itself took 3 months and included the creation of the 3-D scene, animation, compositing and final edit." This follows the wonderful little anniversary stunt that Sean Ohlenkamp of Lowe Roche did for his wife on his Mac. If you're a talented creative and you haven't done a personal project for your significant other yet, get on it. You have until Valentine's Day.