iPhone 5’s Giant Screen Truly Is a Game-Changer

Possibilities are endless in spoof video

Much has been made of the bigger screen space on the new iPhone 5—and it's a product feature that's been particularly easy to spoof, as we've seen a number of print mockups over the past week that make the phone look several feet high. (It's reminiscent of the parody ads for 10-bladed razors.) Now, here's a pretty well-made video version of the same joke. Humorously, FaceTime has become BodyTime, and the lengthy phone also proves useful in measuring wall space, taking panoramic photos (which is actually a new feature, just not as presented here) and firing up your LightSaber. All in all, it's a whole lot more impressive than the real iPhone 5 ads, whose non-parody spots you can watch here.

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