The Invisible Bike Helmet: A Collar That Inflates Into an Airbag

Swedish women explain their creation

Two Swedish design students, Anna Haupt and Terese Alpin, decided to reinvent the bicycle helmet as an exam project, and the three-minute movie about their journey from initial concept to finished product—an "invisible" helmet, now available for about $600—covers a lot of ground without feeling like an info dump. Sexism in the workplace, sustainable living, the undeniable dorkiness of standard bike helmets, and the R&D process are all discussed, and by the time we actually see their invisible bike helmet, the reveal of what's basically an airbag for your head is a bit underwhelming. However, it's still way more impressive than the B-movie poster I made for my final design project last year, so I both congratulate and envy their overachieving here.

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