Introducing TechMagic With Cathy Hackl: Your Gateway to the Future of Technology

Adweek's latest podcast is your portal to understanding and embracing what's next

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In a world where technology is advancing at an unprecedented pace, staying informed and connected with the latest trends and innovations has never been more crucial.

Enter TechMagic with Cathy Hackl, a new weekly podcast that promises to be your ultimate guide to the ever-evolving world of technology. The first episode debuts Oct. 11. 

TechMagic with Cathy Hackl is not your run-of-the-mill tech podcast. It’s a captivating journey into the heart of technology, where fluff takes a backseat and in-depth exploration takes center stage.

Hosted by tech futurist, visionary and pioneer Cathy Hackl, this podcast is your passport to understanding the profound impact of technology on our lives. From AI, spatial computing, virtual worlds, gaming and XR to brain-computer interfaces, space exploration, synthetic biology, frontier tech and beyond, TechMagic seeks to provide clarity in an age of accelerated technological change. 

The magic begins with Hackl, along with a guest co-host, taking you on a riveting ride through some of the top tech headlines of the week. But there’s a twist—it’s all gamified. In the Future or Fad segment, you get to dissect these headlines and determine whether they’re the heralds of a tech-driven future or mere flashes in the pan, part of the tech hype cycle. 

To make this segment even more enthralling, Hackl’s inaugural co-host is none other than Lee Kebler, former CTO of music icon Together, they will unravel the mysteries of tech trends and provide insights you won’t find anywhere else.

TechMagic with Cathy Hackl also invites you into the minds of tech and brand leaders. Through exclusive interviews, you’ll gain access to the wisdom and experiences of those at the forefront of innovation. Discover how these visionary leaders across the globe are leveraging technology to revolutionize their industries.

Initial guests include: 

  • Ari Peralta, CEO, Arigami 
  • David Armano, senior director of marketing, Soul Machines
  • Lydia Kostopoulos, senior strategy and technology innovator adviser, LKCyber
  • Faith Popcorn, futurist and CEO, Faith Popcorn’s BrainReserve 
  • Greg Kahn, president and CEO, Emerging Tech Exchange
  • Marjorie Hernandez, founder, Lukso and The Dematerialised 
  • Nick Vinckier, director of corporate innovation, Chalhoub Group
  • David Bundi, AI entrepreneur and regulatory expert 
  • Pico Velasquez, founder and CEO, Viira
  • Zoe Scaman, founder, Bodacious

This weekly podcast will also help you stay up to date with the remarkable feats achieved by prominent brands in the tech realm. Each week, the spotlight shines on the strides made by these trailblazing companies to not only inform you about the latest tech-driven achievements but also connect you to relevant articles, coverage and upcoming Adweek events.

Hackl will also write a monthly TechMagic column. Drawing inspiration from stories and discussions featured on the podcast, she’ll help you decipher the magic within technology. After all, as Arthur C. Clarke aptly noted, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

We hope TechMagic with Cathy Hackl becomes your tech sanctuary, where you can explore, learn and be amazed by the incredible world of technology. It’s more than just a podcast; it’s your portal to understanding and embracing the future. Subscribe now, and join Cathy Hackl on this journey into the heart of tech—where magic becomes reality and the future becomes the present.