ING just playing games with Philadelphia

What does ING Direct have against Philadelphia? According to an e-mail I just got, the online bank is threatening to storm the city on Friday and “take over two city blocks with a life sized board game. ‘Road to Saving’ is designed to teach Philadelphians how to save their money, in a fun, innovative way.” Local celebrities will be on hand to demonstrate the game, with $5,000 being donated to charity. Later, three contestants will compete for another $5,000, which the winner gets to keep. It’s bound to cause consternation, but it’s probably less intrusive than Beemster’s “world’s biggest cheese” promotion this spring at NYC’s Grand Central Station. And there’s no way ING could ever be as cool as The Prisoner’s human chess tournament. (“Mmmm, existential. We’re all pawns in the game of life. Mmmm, pawns,” as Homer Simpson might say.) Most important, which Philly celebrities could ING possibly be referring to? It’s either some loser from the last-place 76ers or Hall & Oates. If it’s the latter, and they win, ING should let them keep the money. They probably need it.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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