Infiniti Spoofs the Highway Flirting From National Lampoon’s Vacation, With a Special Guest

CP+B spot ties into remake of 1983 film

Infiniti recreates the "flirting on the highway" scene from National Lampoon's Vacation with one of that 1983 film's original stars (not Chevy Chase, unfortunately) in this Crispin Porter + Bogusky ad tied to the Vacation remake coming later this month.

Here, Ethan Embry (who played Rusty in Vegas Vacation back in '97) replaces Chase in the Clark Griswold role, rolling down the road with his family en route to Walley World for some R&R. Instead of a crappy station wagon, however, they're ensconced in a comfy, high-tech Infiniti QX60 SUV.

Embry is soon distracted by an attractive blonde woman in a sleek convertible, and some intensely silly flirting ensues. (Sorry, Ethan, but nothing tops Chevy's self-consciously goofy grin. Nothing. Ever.)

In the movie, Christie Brinkley played the blonde. Will she show up here? Perhaps in an ironic punch line that makes me feel ungodly old?

Um, maybe. Cute enough ad, though.

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