Infiniti performs without net in Cirque spot

Infiniti It’s pretty clichéd to rag on Cirque du Soleil (how can costumes that leave virtually nothing to the imagination be so unsexy?) and circuses in general (why are the seats sticky? will the clowns try to eat me?). So, I watched this “Double Lines” spot, touting Infiniti Canada’s Cirque sponsorship, with an open mind. And yet—can someone tell me just what the hell is going on? Why is that guy crawling (hanging?) from those things? Is he supposed to be dressed like a mouse, a ghost or a Klansman? At 30 seconds in length, the ad is still interminable (screw it, I can’t hold back), just like Cirque’s two-and-a-half-hour soul-killing extravaganzas! At old-time circuses, dozens of clowns would emerge from an impossibly cramped jalopy seemingly too small to hold them all. That bit sucked. I guess they’d wash off the grease paint and ride the bus to the next performance. Cirque prices are so outrageous, even the guy who sweeps up after the show can probably afford an Infiniti 35G. I guess you could call that progress.

—Posted by David Gianatasio