I’m feeling yucky!

We’ve spent quality time in the last few weeks fooling around with the beta of Google’s Desktop Search application, and it gives us a mildly uncomfortable feeling. The tool brings Google’s search technology to the stuff on your hard drive – type in the name of a company that you have to deal with a lot and your emails, Web pages you’ve cached and so forth all show up on a page of Google links – just as though you were searching the Web.

This tool, if we continue to use it, will no doubt settle the information-clutter agitation in our addled brain, but it’s still creepy to see your files and emails all sitting there in that Google template, as though they were out there for the whole world to see. While that’s not true, it leaves us feeling just a tad violated. Maybe they should tweak the interface to make it not look like a Web search? –Posted by Catharine P. Taylor

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