If the Rio Olympic Mascot Isn’t a Cat, Then What Is It?

Public is asked to name mashup creatures

The 2016 Rio Olympic Games mascot was unveiled Monday, and while we don't know what the name of the creature is, one thing's for sure. Following in the line of cat-like creatures that are not cats—pointing the finger at you, Hello Kitty—it's not a feline.

According to its official description, the long-limbed, pointy-eared, tailed creature is a mixture of all the Brazilian animals including cats, monkeys and birds. It should come as no surprise that he is existentially pondering "Who am I?" on his description page.

Likewise, his sidekick, the Paralympic Games mascot, is a tree that is not a tree. It's a combination of all the plant life in the Brazilian forests. Or it's an overenthusiastic artichoke that's turning blue from lack of oxygen. Take your pick.

People echoed the same confused reaction on Twitter.

It could have been worse. They're downright cute compared to the one-eyed monsters that London touted (not a euphemism for something else) or the phallic banana-color creatures that represented Athens (still not a euphemism).

The Rio committee is asking people to submit names for the beings on its website. For some inspiration, see them in action in the video below.