Is Idaho just sick to death of potatoes?

This post brings together two current AdFreak themes: license plates and potatoes (slow news week). We read this morning that a lawmaker in Idaho wants to remove (or “peel,” according to Reuters) the phrase “Famous Potatoes” from the state’s license plates, on the reasoning that high-tech products, not potatoes, are Idaho’s current top export. (Even in terms of agriculture, potatoes are now Idaho’s No. 3 earner, behind milk and livestock.) “Other than as a consumer, the majority of people in Idaho have no connection to ‘Famous Potatoes,’” the senator says. This man clearly is something of an idiot. Potatoes may not be the most glamorous claim to fame, but at least Idaho’s known for something. The potato growers there are obviously upset at being insulted (or “mashed,” according to Reuters) like this in their home state. As the Idaho Potato Commission’s president rightly says: “We don’t have to be embarrassed by our agricultural roots. Why not be proud of your potato?”

—Posted by Tim Nudd