I love the smell of movie ads in the morning

I’m pleased to report that I’ve recovered from sucking on copies of Rolling Stone, looking for that rum-flavored ad, but here’s another potential vice: a newspaper ad that smells like cake. Yes, the Los Angeles Times, which apparently doesn’t think newspapers are dying off fast enough, is running a cake-smelling “scented ink” ad touting the 20th Century Fox movie Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium (which sounds like a title Dr. Seuss would dream up after a day of sniffing newsprint). Dustin Hoffman is in the movie, but the ad wisely does not smell of eau de Hoffman. “The scented ink ad is yet the latest tool the Times is offering its advertisers as they continue to search for new ways to reach, excite and inform L.A.’s market of buzz,” enthuses Dave Murphy, the paper’s general manager, who’s clearly as bereft of ideas on how to save print media as the rest of the industry. The ink is soy based, thank God, ’cuz I’m lactose intolerant. Not that I’m going to taste it. That would be silly.

—Posted by David Gianatasio