Hulk up with this new energy drink

I was all set to make some joke about not drinking this when you’re angry (because you wouldn’t like it when you’re angry), until I saw the can and realized that the Hulk in question is not the Marvel Comics green guy, but WWE’s blond guy, Hulk Hogan. Apparently, the Hulkster (who must have a new agent, given the VH1 series, the KFC ads and now this) has a new energy drink, Hulk Energy Powered by Socko. “My family and I have an incredibly active lifestyle. Between helping launch Brooke’s music career and Nick’s racing career, plus the demands of being involved in a hit series, if anyone is in need of their own energy drink, it’s me,” exclaims the always charismatic Hulkster. (Yes, I’m quoting from the release.) And for those of you who think The Apprentice has gone soft, Bliss Beverage, the company behind Hulk Energy, says the development of the drink will be a major theme of next season’s Hogan Knows Best on VH1. (Now, that’s scintillating television.) First question to be answered: What the hell is Socko? (Second: What is horny goat weed, and why would I drink it?)