HP’s TouchSmart PCs ready to leave mark

Hptouch_2A hidden benefit of HP’s TouchSmart PCs: fingerprints. I’m surprised Goodby, Silverstein doesn’t touch (ha!) on the subject in its new commercial. Like most office drones, I work myself into a paranoid lather about who might be snooping through my desk and accessing my computer files. (I suspect Fred, the guy in the next cube.) With my filthy keyboard, it’s impossible to lift a clean print. But with the TouchSmart, I can see when someone’s big ugly thumbs have been all over the screen. Look at those mustard-smudged prints! And there’s some turkey stuck to the screen! Oh … that was my lunch. Ok, well, just to be on the safe side: Stay the hell away from my desk, Fred!

—Posted by David Gianatasio