How sexist do you like your media pundits?


Honoring the 90th anniversary of women winning the right to vote, the Women's Media Center has launched the "Name it. Change it" advocacy campaign to combat sexism in the media. Just imagine … if chicks couldn't vote, we'd have sidestepped eight years of Clinton/Gore and been living in a Perot/Stockdale paradise. The centerpiece of the campaign is the ultra-sexist mock cable-news show below, in which two male hosts tell their female colleague to save her moaning for the bedroom, among lots of other insults. What was their inspiration? The moaning comment seems kind of CNN, but the menstrual humor's pure Fox News. Actual sexist quotes from news pundits breeze past on the crawl—and are compiled in a second video, posted after the jump. Dan Aykroyd's "Jane, you ignorant slut" clip from SNL (in 1978!) still rules when it comes to parodies of this kind of stuff. Meanwhile, the campaign also offers up a food-group-style Pyramid of Egregiousness with "severe misogyny" on top. And you thought fats and sweets were bad!