How scared of Kenny Powers was K-Swiss?


Time's NewsFeed blog has an interview with Danny McBride, aka Kenny Powers, about how the K-Swiss campaign with the obnoxious Eastbound & Down character came to be—in particular, the hilarious Funny or Die video below. Asked if K-Swiss was worried about Kenny's filthy mouth, McBride replies: "The whole time we were shooting it, me and Jody [Hill] just kept looking at each other and were just like, what? The head of K-Swiss was there and there were all these marketing people. And we're shooting this stuff, and we're like, 'What the hell? They're still letting us do this?' We had one thing with Steve Little (who plays Kenny's friend Stevie Janowski) on the video on Funny or Die. There was a whole run from Steve Little where he just went on an improv rant and was like, 'K-Swiss needs Kenny Powers! Kenny Powers doesn't need K-Swiss! Who wears K-Swiss? I'd rather put my foot in a pile of dog shit than one of these shoes!' And you're just sitting there, and you're like, Steve—the whole company is sitting behind the monitors. You're taking it too far!" Read more excerpts here. The full interview will be posted on Friday.