How Not to Look Like a Complete Idiot at Advertising Week

Colle+McVoy presents the 'Question Generator' app

Next week is Advertising Week in New York. The main question for anyone planning to attend is, of course: How can I avoid being exposed for the imbecilic fraud that I am? Luckily, ad agency Colle+McVoy is here to help with its Advertising Week Question Generator app. The app automatically generates awesome questions for you to ask after each panel by randomly cobbling together a beginning, a middle and an end from intelligent-sounding prewritten segments. Check out the print ad below (which will appear in the Advertising Week guide) for examples, or take the app for a spin. It's uncanny in that almost every combination sounds like something someone in advertising would say. Whether this makes you sound smart or not, however, is anyone's guess.


Client/Agency: Colle+McVoy, Minneapolis

Chief Creative Officer: Mike Caguin

Executive Creative Director: Eric Husband

Copywriters: Adam Ridgeway, Lee Hanson

Creative Director: Greg Scott

Creative Developer: Max Thorson

Interactive Designers: Ben Clymer, Dan Jenstad

Interactive Developer: Derek Kirchhoff

Creative Technology Director: Jeff Bennett

Interactive Producer: Bridget Charon

Editor: Josh Van Patter

Video Producer: T.J. Beagan

Project Manager: Maria Doering

Quality Assurance: Chad Rieder