How Nike Made ‘Unlimited Stadium,’ the World’s Coolest Running Track

BBH's David Webster deconstructs Manila's high-tech marvel

CANNES, France—Want to see a stunning multiple Cannes Lion-winning piece that took 80,000 total man hours to make? Look no further than BBH Singapore’s “Unlimited Stadium” for Nike.

The high-tech running track, which popped up over a city block in Manila, Philippines, during last year’s Olympic Games, was designed to the exact dimension of a Nike Lunar Epic footprint—just many times bigger. It featured a 200-meter running track lined with LED screens, where runners could engage in a virtual race against avatars of themselves.

The piece has won 10 Cannes Lions so far this week—three golds, four silvers and three bronzes—across the Cyber, Outdoor, Creative Data, Promo & Activation and Entertainment categories.

Check out the video above, in which BBH’s David Webster breaks down this cool, futuristic experience for us. And see the full case study below.

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