Hot Wheels Sets World Record With Lunatic Jump at Indy 500

As you already knew, Mattel's Hot Wheels brand attempted a new world-record jump by a four-wheel vehicle at Sunday's Indianapolis 500. Not only did Top Gear host and professional stunt driver Tanner Foust succeed—defying our collective understanding of physics with a 332-foot jump—he even stuck the landing just about perfectly. Hot Wheels marketing wizard Simon Waldron described the jump, which utilized a roller-coaster-ish orange ramp typical of classic Hot Wheels sets, as "an incredible childhood fantasy come to life, which engaged multiple generations." Foust sounded less rehearsed as he recalled playing with Hot Wheels as a kid and imagining something "as outrageous as a life-sized V-Drop track set." Given the extremity of the stunt, it wouldn't surprise me if both guys had to clear the shit from their pants before engaging the press.