Hot Dog! Why Oscar Mayer’s Wienermobile Rolled All the Way to a Remote Alaska Town

Vehicle, and brand, trek to unfamiliar places

Doctor, I keep having this dream about a 27-foot-long hot dog rolling through a tunnel.

Wait, that’s no dream. It’s an awesomely Freudian scene from Oscar Mayer’s new video chronicling the Wienermobile’s voyage to Whittier, Alaska, population 220.

The trek required 1,200 miles of driving plus 3,000 miles via barge, and touts “radical” product changes at Oscar Mayer, such as the removal of artificial preservatives and no added nitrates or nitrites (whatever those are).

“Because we believe in getting everyone access to a better dog, we vowed to take the Wienermobile to places it has never been before,” says Greg Guidotti, head of marketing for Oscar Mayer. “We have tasked our Hotdogger teams to go to big towns and small, to every corner of the U.S.”

Whittier is accessible only by a two-and-a-half-mile tunnel that’s less than 12 feet wide. Luckily, Oscar Mayer’s iconic promotional vehicle managed to safely navigate those cramped confines and hit town with its cargo of frankfurters and branded fun.

Shots of the colorful, cartoonish truck gliding past majestic, snowy terrain are pretty memorable, almost surreal. So is the local dude who fairly loses his shit and growls, “I saw you guys come down the road—I’m like, ‘It’s the Wienermobile!'”

More folks might have similar reactions in coming weeks as the brand’s six Wienermobiles hot-dog it across this great land of ours, spreading the word about Oscar Mayer’s recipe from sea to shining sea.

Mcgarrybowen, Olson Engage and Starcom developed the campaign, which featured a visit to Governors Island in New York Harbor, generating an image that really puts the current state of the American Dream—now with with no added nitrates or nitrites!—in perspective:

We're making every hot dog better and we're on a mission to get them in everyone's hands. #ForTheLoveOfHotDogs

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