Horrifying PSA Asks: Are You a Monster When You're Drunk?

Super grim spot for children's charity

Well, here's a lovely bit of emotional carnage for your Friday—a creepy-as-hell PSA from Finnish agency Euro RSCG Helsinki for a charity called Fragile Childhood that shows kids wandering around a bleak, forbidding landscape and being preyed upon by monsters. But it turns out these are their parents. "How do our childen see us when we've been drinking?" says the on-screen copy at the end. The children in the spot really do look impressively freaked out. In fact, this may be the most unsettling PSA we've seen since the infamous 2008 Red Rabbit spot from Germany about childhood sexual abuse. (Don't watch that if you'd like to enjoy the rest of your day.) In Finland, they usually prefer to scare you with udders. Via Co.Create.