Homer really, really likes Maine potatoes

Homer_simpson2_1It is the dogged journalist unwilling to rest on his laurels who finds story ideas in episodes of The Simpsons. Here are the opening lines of a piece in this morning’s Portland Press-Herald: “The Maine potato industry got an unexpected prime-time plug Sunday night when Homer Simpson, America’s most famous cartoon glutton, endorsed the state’s spuds. In a subplot that had Homer’s bountiful body sporting tattoo advertisements for various products, ‘Eat Maine Potatoes’ was stamped across one arm. Homer, who was in bed, told his blue-tower-haired wife, Marge, that the tater reference wasn’t an ad, but a reminder. He then reached over the edge of the bed into a bag of—yup, ‘Maine Potatoes’—and started munching on one.” Now this is hard-hitting journalism. The story goes on to gauge the value of such a plug to the Maine potato industry. The writer, unwilling to leave any stone unturned, even places a call to Fox and is forwarded a statement from Simpsons executive producer Al Jean: “All of the Simpsons writers are huge fans of Maine potatoes.” We have a feeling that quote was meant—yup, sarcastically.

—Posted by Tim Nudd

Credit: Matt Groening