High hopes for the new Busch Stadium

Cardinalscap_1I was back in St. Louis, where I used to live, over the weekend. And while I didn’t see the missing birds from the Cardinals billboards, I did have a look at the almost-complete new Busch Stadium. It was a pretty good look, too—the left-center field wall is so low that you can see practically the entire interior of the park while driving along Broadway. This design will apparently give fans inside the park great views of the historic courthouse building downtown and the Gateway Arch—one improvement among many that the Cardinals hope will ease some of the nostalgia pains that linger following the demolition of the old Busch Stadium after last season. Building a new stadium always represents a kind of reinvention for a sports team, and St. Louis radio this spring is full of Cardinals ads saying how great the new stadium is—better views of the field; an enticing, asymmetrical design; little “neighborhoods” within the stands. Whether any of this will help the team on the field remains to be seen. There is, at least, continuity among the sponsors—most corporate partners from the old Busch Stadium are back (dominated, of course, by Anheuser-Busch, along with Bank of America and Coca-Cola). The Cardinals play their home opener on April 10 against the Milwaukee Brewers.

—Posted by Tim Nudd