Hideous Anthropomorphic Ears Love ESPN Radio App

A gross, anthropomorphic ear learns to love the ESPN Radio app in this amusing spot by Wieden + Kennedy. Assuming you don't get enough sports with ESPN's numerous other channels, you and this oversized ear with weird stubby arms and legs can now rejoice, thanks to the new radio app. The charm lies in how fleshed out the story of this ear's life is in 30 seconds. For example, you learn he's a psychiatrist (an excellent job for an ear), that he enjoys lawn care, takes the bus when he travels, and has the largest iPhone earbuds (OK, earbud) known to man. They also put a lot of care into the fake brands, including Cotton Tips for sensitive ears and the Dogromat self-service dog grooming place (next to the ear's office, which simply says "Psychologist, est. 1994"). Wieden must have fallen in love with the ugly little guy and enjoyed bringing his disturbing little world to life. Either that or ESPN just has more money than God.