Help give the PR industry some positive PR


Lots of industries could use some positive press nowadays. The oft-maligned world of public relations is certainly no different. Everyone's talking authenticity and transparency, not exactly terms you associate with the nation's spinmeisters. That doesn't mean PR isn't hot with marketers who are on the hunt for "earned media" through placement in news stories and paid posts on mommy blogs. Still, many in the marketing industry still view PR as an ugly stepchild. So, PR News has launched a new advocacy campaign with the catchy title, "It's the PR." The creators say PR is an "often unrecognized or dismissed area of the marketing mix." How to raise and/or improve its profile? Paraphernalia. Buy an "It's the PR" T-shirt, bag, button or poster to show your support for the world's oldest profession.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey