HBO telling fans: suck on this campaign!


From Duque rum to the Veidt Enterprises commercials to Harvey Dent’s political campaign, advertising for fake products often makes fictional worlds more real. Enter the Tru Blood campaign for HBO’s upcoming show, True Blood. If it wasn’t blindingly obvious, True Blood is a show about vampires, filling the gaping void that Buffy left in its wake. The fake product, Tru Blood, is billed as a “synthetic blood nourishment beverage” genetically engineered for bloodsuckers who want to wean themselves off humans. Clearly, it’s hit its mark: Sweatshirts and ladies’ boy briefs are already sold out on the Tru Blood Web site, which requires you to “Select the date you were turned,” determine your blood type, and enjoy all of the ripped-off lines (even en français!). The whole campaign is parody-licious. If you’re at work, don’t groan too loudly when they say, “This blood’s for you!The New York Times has the scoop on Campfire, the company behind the campaign.

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers