Have we seen this Molson Dry spot before?

Cossette's "Run" spot for Molson Dry is cinematic and memorable, but that doesn't necessarily make it a great commercial. It mixes ideas from Apple's epic "1984" (athletic chick smashing the image of Big Brother on a video screen) and American Gladiators (the rolling orb) with cliched Nike-style go-go enthusiasm and the visual elan of every big-budget sci-fi flick of the past 20 years. Actually, the ad looks spectacular, and I could forgive the borrowing if the payoff met my expectations. (I try to steal every other word in my AdFreak posts from David Sedaris. Even my first name—that's his!) Unfortunately, Molson's ultimate on-screen message is: "Become a party legend." It's a big anti-climax and doesn't motivate me, though I suppose for those who chug the suds every Saturday night, that call to action will suffice. Via Ads of the World (because everybody borrows).

—Posted by David Gianatasio