Hated the London 2012 Logo? You Might Like Rio 2016 Better

Brazil's Tatíl Design tells story of its creation

The London 2012 Olympic logo was all about dissonance, and intentionally so—and was met with a pretty dissonant reaction, too. As we look ahead to Rio 2016, we have a logo that couldn't be more opposite of London's—one that's pure flowing joy. In the video below, Brazil's Tatíl Design, which designed the logo, tells the story of its creation—how it's "a scupltural logo for a scupltural city," why it required a completely new typeface never seen before, and how the three dancing figure represent the city of Rio and the Olympic movement. The logo was actually unveiled on New Year's Eve at the end of 2010, and withstood a brief controversy about whether it plagiarized the Telluride Foundation's logo. But that's long past—and this design seems destined to be embraced globally to much the same degree that the London mark was derided.

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