Hanes set to battle a universe of wedgies

A snippet from the PR woman’s e-mail: "Hanes is launching a new ‘Wedgie Free’ campaign, and who better to send it to than you!" Gee, thanks. Actually, it might be better to send it to women bloggers, who probably have more experience than us in the panty-wedgie realm. The upcoming campaign, from The Martin Agency, advertises Hanes No Ride Up Panties, and stars Sarah Chalke from Scrubs, who comically makes war on “the always inopportune wedgie.” In one commercial, according to The Wall Street Journal, which wrote about the campaign yesterday, Chalke “tries to fix her wedgie by shimmying and lunging before a pair of Hanes panties solves her problem.” The ads, directed by Zach Braff, debut Tuesday on American Idol.