Halifax’s Horrifying Date-Night Ad Will Make You Not Want to Date for a While

Be thankful if you've found someone

The downtown business commission in Halifax, Nova Scotia, created this video to get you to buy one of its date-night packages. But it might force you to give up dating altogether.

The concept is actually based on this viral video from 2009, featuring a montage of 1980s VideoMate dating profiles that was truly full of nerfherders. Halifax's collection of clueless Romeos and one singular Juliet is likewise sure to bring the Internet to the schadenfreude party as quickly as the original did.

The point is that the hardest part of dating in Halifax is finding someone to date. (And that is probably true, given that OkCupid has an outdated interface, eHarmony will reject you, Craigslist will probably get you killed, and you're now going to have to pay twice as much for Tinder if you're over 30.)

But if you've got the dating part covered, Halifax will handle the rest.

And after watching the video, couples probably will book date nights right now—if only to make sure they never have to get back in the dating pool again.