Half-Dog, Half-Man Tells You to ‘Chase Some Tail’ in Sims 3 Ad

Clip touts franchise's new pets game

Sims 3 Pets, the fifth extension for the Sims 3 game, allows players to play as animals for the first time. To pique your interest, Draftfcb San Francisco spliced together a half-man, half-dog spokesman named Trevor Mountleg. In the spot below, this randy British dog tools about amid a CGI landscape of golden toilets and eccentric topiary while enjoining you to "have a pet or be a pet, you can play both ways, and there's no shame in that!" Apart from insinuating that there's nothing wrong with being bisexual—or I suppose, playing with animals—it so happens that the part of the video that plays over the "no shame in that" line shows some Sims getting it on while a dog urinates on the bed. Pretty kinky. Mountleg also encourages you to "chase some tail" and tells a little white pussy sitting next to him that she's a naughty minx. So, if pixelated bestiality is your bag, baby, you should clearly pick up this Sims 3 expansion and "connect with your inner animal."