Gyrating Xbox guy saves helpless box-face

Xbox_2 What’s the sexism quotient on this admittedly arresting spot for the Xbox 360 Live Vision camera? We get a hottie (female, of course) lingering in front a mirror in her undies, her head covered by what can only be described as a “doofus box.” (The word “Xbox” itself can have sexual connotations, come to think of it.) After a period of extreme social awkwardness, she “busts out,” thanks to the cryptic contortions of a middle-aged, balding guy. What, this dude holds the key to this woman’s unlocking her true self? Maybe the Xboxers should take on the Sunsilk sirens or the Giuliani girls in some kind of mortal combat. Foxy boxing? Then the bearded guy can really get his jollies.

—Posted by David Gianatasio