Grey goes green, asks you to do the same

The green bandwagon is getting awfully crowded as it rolls down Madison Avenue. Agencies seem to be tripping over each other to buff up their environmental credentials. Grey is the latest to do so. Just in time for Advertising Week, Grey New York has built a Web site called Green It Forward to show off what it’s doing to reduce waste and provide everyday tips for other ad folks to do the same. (Recycle paper, turn off your computer, don’t even think about that Fiji water, and ride a bike to work.) It’s laudable for companies and individuals to reduce their carbon footprints. But of course advertising, at its heart, is about feeding mass consumerism, which is the main cause of the pickle we’re in with global warming to begin with. The same agencies that are preaching about green initiatives would, I’m sure, fall all over themselves the next time there’s a review to make ads promoting gas-guzzling SUVs. If they really want to show their dedication, maybe they should follow the Japanese example and set the office thermostats to 82.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey