Grey breast-cancer ads have nothing to hide


In America, breast-cancer PSAs skirt the issue a bit—they're even liable to focus on butts rather than boobs. Not so in Europe, where they get straight to the point. For example: this new, very-NSFW campaign from Grey Amsterdam for Pink Ribbon magazine. This 30-second spot just shows a bunch of naked breasts, along with a voiceover's rhyme about each pair's journey through life together. The print ads also show naked women's torsos, along with handwritten text giving the breasts individual names and telling their story. (The print ads were shot by British photographer Rankin, who also worked on that bloody new U.K. anti-smoking spot.) This is par for the course at Grey Amsterdam, whose reel includes a commercial shot from the point of view of a vagina. None of this stuff would fly in the U.S., of course, where Rethink's not-very-shocking "Save the Boobs" campaign is branded "astonishing" for its use of "male lechery." Via Adland.

—Posted by Tim Nudd

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